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Announcing 3VR’s New Hardware Line-up at ASIS 2013!

ASIS Security Expo 2013

Record, store, index and manage video with 3VR's new line of NVRs and Hybrid NVRs. Pre-loaded with VisionPoint™ VMS video management software, the recorders offer seamless integration with POS, Access Control, ATM, and other systems.

When combined with 3VR's award-winning analytics, the backbone of 3VR's forensic search capabilities, the all-in-one system becomes an even more powerful solution providing business intelligence and the ability to find evidence fast.

Be sure to stop by our booth (2107) to learn more about our new hardware lineup. Here are a few resources for security professionals looking for more at ASIS 2013.

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DEMO: Retail Analytics Dashboard

FREE GIFT: Win an iPad

We just launched our Retail Analytics solution! Our video-mining technology offers incredible business value, advancing both loss prevention and business intelligence. Discover real-time insight into store operations and shopper behavior.

Win one of two iPads when you visit our booth. How you can enter to win:

  • Receive a 3VR product demo on Sept. 24 or 25
  • Get spotted with a 3VR tote bag on the show floor

  • DEMO: Axis (#1034) and Samsung (#853)

    DEMO: What’s your age and gender?

    Get dedicated 3VR demos at the booths of our partners, Axis and Samsung. 3VR engineers will be demo-ing 3VR’s video management software and video analytics.

    Don’t think our software can gauge your age and gender correctly? Come see the results for yourself. We’ll be doing a live demo of our Demographics Analytic.


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    Try Our New Line of Hybrid NVRs

    Learn more about 3VR's new range of hybrid and network video recorders, which offers full support for users migrating from analog to IP. More


    Why 3VR?

    Learn how 3VR's powerful NVRs meet every customer need and offer more business value with enterprise capabilities and integrated video analytics. More

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    ASIS 2013 resources

    New Hardware Line-up: 1000 to 5000 series

    3VR's hybrid and network video recorders are scalable enterprise solutions with a proven ability to excel in any technology environment. With many users migrating from analog to IP, we made sure with each new series of hardware, there would be full support for analog and IP cameras on the same recorder.

    Download Datasheets:

    1000-series   |   2000-series   |   3000-series   |   4000-series   |   5000-series



    Easy to install, set up and use, the 1000-series Hybrid NVRs are an efficient and affordable solution capable of powering small-sized installations. Learn more >>



    A compact gateway to the cloud, the 2000-series offer powerful NVRs with analytic support that can fit in your hand. Learn more >>



    The 3000-series of hybrid network video recorders (NVRs) are a combination of performance and value in a small form factor for small to medium-sized installations. Learn more >>



    Designed to fit your security needs, the 4000-Series of hybrid network video recorders (NVRs) are a powerful and versatile workhorse solution for medium-sized installations. Learn more >>



    The 5000-series NVRs and Hybrid NVRs are unmatched when high performance and scalability are required for medium to large-sized installations. Learn more >>

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    Everything You Need. In A Box.

    network video recorders

    With the increased use of megapixel cameras and video analytics over the past couple years, there has been a greater need for more powerful network video recorders (NVRs). Luckily, the technology has been able to keep pace. This allows us to offer more powerful NVRs, but at lower price points and with a wider range of solutions to meet every customer need.

    Download 3VR's Product Overview here.

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    Comprehensive Solutions for Every Customer

    3VR's new hardware line-up covers the needs of small, medium and large-sized installations. Each recorder in the 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 series is optimized for the preloaded 3VR VisionPoint™ VMS video management software, which includes health monitoring, forensic search, case management and live video monitoring in an all-in-one solution. Each NVR supports seamless integration with POS, Access Control, ATM, Teller, and other external data systems.


    Power Up to the Enterprise

    If you have multiple sites, each model is an enterprise-capable box that can connect to other 3VR recorders throughout the network using 3VR’s optional enterprise server. This allows you to view, manage and search video at any time throughout the network using a mobile device, a remote client, or locally using 3VR’s OpCenter. Whether you decide to purchase the economical 1000-series or the 5500-series powerhouse, each model supports integration and can interconnect and communicate on an enterprise network.


    Add Video Analytics For Faster Investigations, Business Intelligence

    3VR’s award-winning analytics are completely integrated into the system allowing for Facial Surveillance, License Plate Recognition, Advanced Object Tracking, Queue Line Detection, Demographics and Dwell time. When used for forensic search, each NVR becomes a powerful search tool that allows users to quickly find suspects and evidence. When used for business intelligence, 3VR can offer extraordinary insight into shopper behavior and store operations.

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