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FREE Whitepaper: 5 Tips to Fight ATM Skimming

ATM Skimming whitepaper

Your favorite breakfast pastry apparently serves as more than just a morning snack.

A Bulgarian national traveling to Germany on a bus this week was detained when Bulgarian customs officials found disassembled skimmer components in his suitcase. Two skimmer mouths were concealed in croissants, while other parts were stowed in a medicine container and plastic boxes.

It’s hilarious, I know. But humor aside, more financial institutions than ever are losing money to ATM fraud. ATM skimming is one of the banking industry’s fastest-growing crimes.

Criminals use covert tools to steal consumers’ credit card information and record PIN numbers for counterfeit purposes. Thieves are getting smarter by adopting more sophisticated tactics such as Bluetooth-enabled wireless skimmers. To protect customers, banks must stay at the forefront of fraud technology to combat ATM skimming.

Ed England, Pro 1's Sensational Success in Retail Security

Ed England Protection 1

3VR Partner Success Stories:

Interview with Ed England

SDM Magazine's Dealer of the Year

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The Partner Success Stories blog series is back! In part 4 of the series, we’re profiling Protection 1, the second largest electronic security services provider in the U.S., and a valued 3VR security systems integration partner. I had the opportunity to sit down with Ed England, a National Account Manager for Protection 1 and a tireless advocate for 3VR, during his recent visit to our San Francisco headquarters. Ed shared the company’s recent successes in retail security.

AFN Security Delivers "Excellence in Innovation" Down Under

Next Generation Mining SummitPop quiz - Who is a key supplier of 3VR’s video intelligence technology to the international mining industry?

If you guessed AFN Security, you’re correct! 3VR is fortunate to partner with some of the leading security systems integrators around the world, including AFN, based in New South Wales, Australia. AFN recently took home the "2012 Excellence in Innovation Award" at the Next Generation Mining Summit in Australia and we reached out to them to learn more about the honor.

Pushing Financial Security Frontiers: 3 Trends

Tyco Financial Security Symposium

A friend of mine recently had her credit card stolen and $800 withdrawn from her account via an ATM in Arizona. A resident of San Francisco, she noticed that her card was gone within 24 hours and learned about the withdrawal when she went to cancel it. Her story is frighteningly common.

Financial fraud, especially credit card theft, is on the rise and many of us feel strongly about the need for better, more advanced security controls. Here, I will highlight new technologies that not only improve financial security but also enable banks and financial institutions to mine data for valuable business intelligence.

The following are three big trends emerging in the financial security landscape:

ISC East Postponed Due to Hurricane, How You Can Help Sandy Disaster Efforts

Hurricane Sandy Red Cross

We were disappointed to hear about the postponement of ISC East, which was scheduled for Oct. 30-31, due to Hurricane Sandy. While we wait for an update on the new conference date and location, we thought we’d share a few uplifting examples of Bay Area-based businesses - according to a San Francisco Chronicle article - providing support to the areas affected.

Let's Go Giants!

A few of us here at 3VR were lucky enough to attend the Giants’ game on Monday night and watch them clinch the NLCS pennant against the Cardinals. As the Giants head into the first game of the World Series tonight, we’d like to give a big shout out to our hometown team- Go Giants!  We’ll be witnessing all of the excitement from 3VR’s office building, located just a few blocks from the Giants stadium. Good luck tonight, Giants!

Watch the video above that one of our co-workers took of the Giants' game and after-party on Monday night.