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How 3VR Can Come to the NFL's Rescue

Colin Kaepernick 49ers

Our beloved San Francisco 49ers traveled to the East coast, overcame a 17-point deficit against the Atlanta Falcons, and secured a spot in Superbowl XLVII! I just love football; I’ve been to countless NFL games and I’ve had season tickets for my alma mater (Cal Golden Bears of UC Berkeley) for 10 years. Here in the U.S., professional football becomes more popular each year. Costs for TV commercials during games are at an all-time high, player salaries are ridiculous, and the former head coach for Cal was listed as the highest paid state employee in California. But actual game attendance is decreasing. WHY? And can 3VR come to the rescue?

Valuable Network Camera Lessons from Axis Communications Boot Camp

axis bootcamp computer

A couple of weeks ago, I attended an Axis training course in Chelmsford, MA. This was the network camera leader’s new “Boot Camp,” an intensive 4-day prep course designed to prepare you for the Axis certification. The class was incredibly informative and I recommend anyone that sells Axis cameras to take the class and get certified. It features topics such as the fundamentals of network video, encoders and design. And if you are a little rusty, the course is great for testing your knowledge of the latest network video technologies, solutions, and best-practice design and implementation techniques.

Here are some of the highlights of what I learned.

Shoplifting Is Too Easy - NOT!

fight shoplifting

Last night, as I was checking out at my local grocery store, I noticed the gentleman standing at the next cashier. His SF Giants cap initially drew my attention, but then I noticed the case of beer sitting on the bottom shelf of his shopping cart. Soon enough, he left the store without paying.

Maybe it was an honest mistake. He just forgot, and once he got to his car and saw the beer, he would head back in to pay. Or, he would decide that the hassle of going back in wasn’t worth it, throw the beer in his trunk, and go on with his day.

BUT what if this was an ongoing scam?

Happy Halloween: 3 Treats For 3VR Users

Halloween 3VR treats 3VR comes power-packed with cool features, and we know sometimes it can be scary trying to figure out how to most efficiently use all of them. For Halloween, we want to ensure that you are getting the most out of your video security system and getting home in time to put on your costume for spooky celebrations.

Here's 3 treats for 3VR users:

Treat #1:

Run an enterprise check to quickly verify that all Spot Monitors are up and running at all of your branches.