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NCR acquires uGenius, enhances its video ATM technology


Do you remember when being a bank teller was the first step in a career path in banking that could lead to being a bank officer or even a bank president? That pretty much went away a few years ago, but now it looks even less likely. Technology is making it possible to replace the tellers in your local branch with “tellers” connected to a supercharged ATM by video feed from a call center.

NCR recently announced that it acquired video banking software pioneer uGenius Technology. In 2011, NCR and uGenius built the APTRA Interactive Teller--the first ATM that puts a live remote teller on the ATM video screen for enhanced ATM transactions. The complete acquisition of uGenius will help NCR expand its APTRA Interactive Teller technology.

From Mobile Data Terminals to Smartphones: New Hotbed for Crime?

Mobile Data Terminal Old Mobile Data Terminal New

When I started in law enforcement at the Portland Police Bureau in 1978, the bureau was proud of two great advancements, a single computer station in each precinct that printed results on paper (no video screen, just a printer!). What’s even more amazing, Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) – computerized devices used to communicate with central dispatch offices – became available in a few police cars.

Mobile POS and Payments a Problem for Retailers

mobile payments

There are two fast emerging technologies that will affect retail sales and surveillance:
1) Card reading devices that work inside a retail establishment that are essentially replacing “cash registers."
2) Mobile payment acceptance using devices attached to smart phones.

Thoughts & Prayers from 3VR

Connecticut Shooting

The murders at Clackamas Town Center in Oregon and at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut are particularly poignant because of the holiday season when our thoughts should be about peace on earth and goodwill to all. But two mentally disturbed individuals have stolen our thoughts and redirected our prayers to families and neighbors suffering a horrible tragedy.

On a personal level, the Clackamas Town Center murders struck close to home. I was a Portland Police Officer for 23 years and lived in Clackamas county for 30 years. My family has shopped at Clackamas Town Center innumerable times. We don’t live there now, but my wife was planning a shopping trip to the Clackamas Town Center for the day that ended up being the day after the shooting. Our prayers and condolences go out to the victims there.