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Get Ahead in Security Integration: What You Need (Part 3)

As we approach the end of 2013, it will be interesting to see what the coming year holds for security integration. As those of us in the industry are well-aware, it is becoming more important to differentiate product and service offerings because of a plethora of technologies in the market today.

In the first two installments of this four-part series, we recommended that security system integrators deploy products and solutions that not only address current market needs but can also be expanded and upgraded in the future. To stay ahead of the curve, you will also want a flexible video surveillance platform that is easy to deploy, manage and maintain, with a low barrier to entry.

With growing global competition and increasingly complex technology requirements, the success of security integration firms will be how they can show customers real ROI. In order to do that, they have to continually build on existing relationships and be in tune with customers’ needs. It is not enough to help customers track and document poor service or equipment breakdown after the fact. Firms have to anticipate problems and lessen the negative impact on customers. If you can provide premium products and service, you’ll have lifelong advocates for your business.

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