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Observations around the Megapixel Camera Industry

Below follows a post from Tim Frederick, our director of engineering, with a few thoughts around the megapixel camera industry and real-world benefits for end users. Keep an eye out for more technical posts coming from Tim going forward.

Once upon a time, it was relatively simple to select a surveillance camera. You’d choose price, TVL, dynamic range, low-light lux performance, back light compensation, form factor and you’d be done. But network cameras – high-definition megapixel cameras in particular – are different beasts entirely with each manufacturer pushing different features.

3VR Security Announces $12 Million in Funding

We're very excited to announce that we've secured $12 million in a new round of funding led by Menlo Ventures.

News from Around the Globe: August 11, 2009

Municipal grids have become almost commonplace across the world -- England houses one camera for every 14 people -- and yesterday, the Associated Press reported China camera installations have topped 2.75 million since 2003. However, the reviews are mixed as far as the return on such investments.

3VR Chairman Steve Russell Sits Down with Rajiv Shah

Our chairman and co-founder, Steve Russell, recently sat down with Rajiv Shah, an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the author of the Smart Cameras blog. Below are some of his answers to Rajiv's questions around privacy, vendor comparisons, industry connections to academia and the future of the smart camera market.

News from Around the Globe: July 24, 2009

Earlier this week, Security Director News reported findings from a study conducted by ADT that show 39 percent of retailers polled expect to increase security expenditures over the next three years. That is music to our ears!

Protecting expensive retail goods and reducing retail theft -- by both customers and employees -- as well as ensuring worker safety and cutting down on organized retail crime (ORC) were cited as the primary reasons to increase the investment. In fact, 46 percent of those polled said that they were "...looking to technology to reduce the effects of ORC."

Observations from NRF Loss Prevention 2009

Below follows a short guest post from 3VR Senior Director of Field Services Bob Herold, who attended the NRF Loss Prevention Conference this May. The post includes his reflections on the show, our experience there and thoughts on the industry:

With the economy as it is, I didn’t expect a significant turnout at NRF's Loss Prevention Conference this May. However, while the numbers were down from last year, we were very pleased to see that the professionals that
did make the trip were there for business.

News from Around the Globe: July 20, 2009

Telescopic Lens
As a company with a foot in various niches within the security industry – facial recognition, biometrics, surveillance, etc. – we're looking to start discussing some of the headlines that are catching our eyes here on the 3VR blog. Hope it can provide you with some insight into what we're fascinated by, some of the cool technologies out there and where we're looking to go!

3VR Featured in New Scientist

There has always been a thin line between privacy and security in the surveillance industry and a new piece in New Scientist this week discusses around our new method of scrambling CCTV image to preserve the privacy of innocent persons.

New ScientistAs Paul Marks, New Scientist chief technology correspondent, writes:

CrimeDex 2.0 Leads the Pack in Crimefighting

We've had this one in the oven for quite some time and are very happy to announce the release of CrimeDex 2.0 -- incorporating several new and exciting features, including a collaborative group interface, video and image support, and complete integration capabilities with the award-winning 3VR surveillance platform.

We're also excited to announce that MVFCN and CFCIA will be two of the first law enforcement associations to transition from CrimeDex 1.0 to the 2.0 beta this month!

3VR Announces Suite of Retail-Specific Features, New Customer - Sammy's Woodfired Pizza

Two big retail-focused announcements out of 3VR today, including the release of a full suite of video surveillance features specifically tailored to the security needs of retailers. These include people counting capabilities, advanced object tracking and surveillance, and integrations to critical retail systems like point-of-sale, electronic article surveillance systems and access control, and are available on all 3VR SmartRecorders, including the newly released S-Series.