ICBA National Convention and Techworld®: Why it’s the place to be if you are a community banker

ICBA 2013

The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) National Convention & Techworld is upon us and 3VR is excited to be attending this year (booth #607--stop by and say hi!). We are looking forward to meeting community bank stakeholders from all over the country and joining the discussions on the top issues facing the industry today. Here are a few reasons you should attend this event:

Credit Unions Unite! Meet Superheroes at Utah Convention

Marvel’s Avengers and DC’s Justice League may have inspired awe when we were kids, but as adults we need heroes who are more accessible and relatable. In a time where "darkness threatens to consume" and "money rules the day," Utah’s Credit Unions Association (UCUA) wants to take the time to recognize the unsung superheroes who live among us: credit union workers.

From Mobile Data Terminals to Smartphones: New Hotbed for Crime?

Mobile Data Terminal Old Mobile Data Terminal New

When I started in law enforcement at the Portland Police Bureau in 1978, the bureau was proud of two great advancements, a single computer station in each precinct that printed results on paper (no video screen, just a printer!). What’s even more amazing, Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) – computerized devices used to communicate with central dispatch offices – became available in a few police cars.

NEW Infographic | What Do ATM Skimming Devices Look Like?

According to Secret Service agent Scott Sarafian, "technology is increasing, and it’s becoming somewhat easier to steal money electronically versus by a gun."

From mobile phones to personal computers to medical treatments, new and continually improving technologies are embedded into our lives. Unfortunately, sophisticated technology can also breed crime. ATM skimming, in particular, is becoming more prevalent with sophisticated devices, ranging from hidden cameras to disguised card readers, emerging every day. Jenny Durkan, U.S Attorney for the Western District of Washington and a strong advocate for cyberfraud prevention, says cybercrime is "costing our country billions of dollars."

Check out 3VR’s latest infographic, "What do ATM Skimming Devices look like?" to learn about the different methods used by ATM skimmers today. By becoming familiar with skimming devices, frontline bank employees can fight skimming, foil the ATM thieves’ attempts, and most importantly, protect their customers.

3VR Adds ADAM 6050 Plug-in to Family of Products

ADAM 6050 plug-in

3VR is invested in delivering products that provide greater value and enhanced performance to our customers. In addition to our newly released VisionPointTM VMS (Video Management Software), 3VR recently added the ADAM 6050 device and plug-in to its product line up.

Making interfacing to the real world easier, the ADAM plug-in is a network data acquisition and control module that allows expansion of alarm and auxiliary capabilities to your 3VR appliance or VMS software. 3VR will display images and video associated with input events generated by your devices through the ADAM 6050.

Get Ahead in Security Integration: What You Need (Part 1)

Alliance Program

New technologies and project requirements ranging from IP video and high-resolution cameras to video analytics and IT integration are enough to overwhelm even the savviest and most technology-saturated integrator. 3VR offers the only solution in the market today that combines multi-faceted capabilities with a comprehensive platform that integrates seamlessly to your customers’ existing infrastructure. This 4-part series will show you how 3VR can help you deliver the most powerful, cost-efficient video surveillance solutions and be the best in security integration.

Working Smarter With a Smart Video Intelligence System

bridge toll booth

The tollbooth for the bridge was quickly approaching and I found myself frantically searching in my glove box for the electronic transponder that would allow me to pass without having to stop and pay. Where was it? Not in the top glove box. Not in the lower glove box either. I didn’t have time to stop and clean out my car, nor did I want to pull over to search for it. It would take too much time – time I needed to do other, more important things. If only I had a tool that would make it jump out at me, like a giant magnet to find the "needle in the haystack."

StoryLeaders Workshop: What Makes Winners Successful?

If you’ve ever wondered about the secrets of successful people, you are not alone. For years, Michael Bosworth and Ben Zoldan, authors of What Great Salespeople Do, sought out influential salespeople and leaders, hoping to understand what drove them to do what they do. The answer, as simple as it may sound, is stories.

10 Ways to Climb a Sales Mountain | Lesson #2:Establish your base camp

Our series with Paul Boucherle, principal at Matterhorn Consulting LLC., aka the Swiss Sherpa, continues here with part 2! Paul will be providing lessons to help system integrators climb their sales mountains. If you missed Lesson #1: Study the mountain, you can read it here.

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10 ways to climb sales mountain base camp

Lesson #2: Establish your base camp

Any mountain climber knows the importance of establishing a good base camp to support an expedition up an imposing mountain…in your case a sales mountain. We are not talking about a simple one day rock climb with a 1,000’ of vertical ascent. We are talking about those 21,000’ peaks that require some real planning and effort! Why is this so important?