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Operations Research Analyst

February 1, 2017

Primary Duties:

  • Comprehend complex data output requests and help create an efficient delivery to facilitate client audit process and implement process improvements
  • Assist with identifying root causes, developing recommendations, and implementing solutions on various productivity initiatives
  • Assist in data mining and integration of data from various sources to deliver management reporting
  • Utilize analytical methods and tools such as flow charts, excel, matlab, Salesforce to validate results for accuracy
  • Assist with running ad-hoc reports using database applications such as Jira, Confluence, Salesforce, MySQL, MSSSQL
  • Extract/Cleanse/Upload Data into the database
  • Interface with various teams such as QA, Development, Supply Chain, Finance and Technical Support within the organization under supervision

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Business Administration, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, or a related field, plus up to 2 years’ experience.
  • Master’s Degree in any of the above fields with no experience will be considered.
  • Detail orientated with excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong knowledge of data visualization, quantitative analysis, SQL, relational databases, are required.